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Jayden The Film – New Talent Productions

New Talent Productions

Plot outline
Jayden is a contemporary drama about friendship, family, love and alienation. The story centre’s on a group of British Asians in their twenties and the events that lead to a defining moment that will forever change their lives. Jayden reminds us all of the pressures of young adulthood and our unified struggle for happiness and contentment with life.
Basic info

Genre Drama
Starring Kavi Shastri, Antony Costa, Kabelan Verlkumar, Amara Karan, Rakhee Thakrar, Izzy Rahman, Hassan Khan, Kulvinder Ghir, Shaheen Khan, Ashwini Chopra, Gauri Kar, Murtaza Arif and Esah
Directed by Vallisa Chauhan and Ameet Chana
Written By Vallisa Chauhan
Screenplay by Vallisa Chauhan
Produced by Vallisa Chauhan and Neela Chauhan

Lighting Gaffer Lee Parfitt
Best Boy Danny Hayward
Electrician Paul surgision

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