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Omega Films – Film

Project info

The film is about an Iranian film director (Bahman) who’s travelled to England with his wife (Neda). Some years later Bahman is making a documentary about a British war veteran who’s recovering in a nursing home and is looked after by a young nurse. Through making this documentary, Bahman falls in love with a young English woman (Kate) who is the Editor on the documentary production. Kate lives with her 7 year old son Elliot. The themes on the one hand are: cross-cultural differences, immigration issues with Bahman wanting to stay in the UK and Neda wanting to go back to her family in Iran, her loneliness, missing friends and family; and on the other hand, Bahman’s semi-delusional personality, his love affair with Kate while married to Neda, Neda falling pregnant and confronting Kate, and then becoming good friends with Kate. The film ends with separation between Bahman and Neda while Kate realising that contrarily to Bahman’s claims, it is Neda that is in the right. In the final twist Kate ends her relationship with Bahman and becomes good friends with Neda, supporting her through her pregnancy. Throughout the story the soldier who is mentally strong, recovers from his physical disability, while Bahman who is physically able, declines mentally.

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