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MOKO – Your Love

MTA Records / Virgin EMI



Dance videos—the ones that skip narrative in place of spelling out a song’s emotional arc in triumphant hip juts and flamboyant flicks of the hand—are like catnip to me. Robyn doing that fierce lil’ shoulder jiggle in “Call Your Girlfriend”? SWOON. Two kids making shapes as they weave through South London’s backstreets against a lonely night sky in Oceaán’s “Need U”? BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. So when this video to London-based Moko’s “Your Love” turned up in my inbox featuring our singer-protagonist having a moment in an abandoned warehouse, it was ❤ at first click. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the Robin S channelling song’s a corker too. Produced by Chase & Status, it’s taken from Moko’s new EP, Gold, which also features production credits from Two Inch Punch and Kwes, and will be out August 24th on MTA Records.

The “Your Love” video directed by Ben Strebel and produced by SomeSuch.

Read more: http://www.thefader.com/2014/07/03/watch-moko-have-a-moment-in-an-abandoned-warehouse/#ixzz36WnCHX3S


MTA Records

Virgin EMI Records

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