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Kasabian ‘Stevie’ by Ninian Doff


Ninian Doff’s dramatic and claustrophobic video for Kasabian’s Stevie translates the song’s lyrics – addressed to a potential killer – into a futuristic scenario about the creation through relentless conditioning of an indestructible human. And you sense that it’s not for altruistic reasons.

Masked scientists experiment on a young boy, who knows nothing else but the dark, starkly-lit room where he goes through a grinding daily routine – and becomes impervious to pain. But ultimately the boy shows he’s not simply a completely programmable machine, in a video which grips the viewer as it builds suspense – and leaves us wondering if it is actually set in the future.

And as with his videos this year for Peace and Royal Blood it shows that Ninian – nominated for Best Director at the UKMVAs next month – is getting as good with serious cinematic narratives as he has always been with VFX- and comedy-driven videos.

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