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Joel Fink is just another bored twenty-something looking for some excitement in an otherwise dull and uneventful life. A curious encounter outside a travel agent pulls him into an unusual world where he’s offered an even more unusual proposition.

A Blue Halo Films and Panoptic Films production, starring Will Merrick (Skins, Poldark) and Jolyon Coy (Mr. Selfridge, Beauty and the Beast).

Director – Louis Norton Selzer
Writers – Felix Morgan & Louis Norton Selzer
Producers – Sylvia Edwards & Fionn Concannon
Executive Producers – Fionn Concannon & Justin Henry
Director of Photography – David Wright
Production Designer – Juliana Matsubara
Editors – Max Sobol & Pablo Panoptic
Associate Producer – Alex Jackson
Music Composer – Felix Hagan
1st A.D. – Oliver Brown
2nd A.D. – Bob Aronds
Production Assistant – Lucy Draper
Production Assistant – Helen Wilson
1st A.C. – Chris Hayden
2nd A.C. – Matthew King (day 2&3)
2n A.C. – Cristina Cretu (day 1)
Steadicam Op – Grant Phillips
Sound Recordist – Andy Kindley James
D.I.T – Ashley Hicks
2nd Unit Director – Sam Ramsden
Gaffer – Lee Parfitt
Sparks – Delroy Burley, Dax Sharkey, Dury Burdis
Key Grip – Pete Nash
Second Grip – Gerogre Ambrose
Dolly Grip – Carl ‘The Lump’ Dunn
Art Dept. Assistants – Isabelly Farley & Simona Guarino
Makeup artist – Hannah Wastnidge
Special Effects makeup – Sarah Jane Lyon
Makeup Assistant – Ciara Doyle
VFX artist – Steve Askey
VFX Supervisor – Julien Ducene
Colourist – Joseph Bicknell @ CHEAT
Sound Design & Mix – Raj Vivekananthan & James Lyme @ SCRAMBLE
Equipment provided by FOCUS 24
Lighting Equipment by Lee Lighting Services


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